Darkstar Skateboard

Darkstar Skateboard
Darkstar Skateboard
Darkstar Skateboard

Darkstar Skateboard

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From 11/25 - 11/28 order any size half pipe ramp (mini ramp) and get a FREE Darkstar skateboard when using the code HPSKATEOC at checkout


  • Darkstar Woods Green/Blue 8.125 Skateboard Deck

  • Color/Graphic: Can vary from the image shown

  • Sizes: 8.125

  • Length: 31.7, Wheel Base: 14.25

  • First Push Construction: 7-ply Birch with Stiff Glue Extra; the strongest water-base glue. Single Deck Press (same shape and concave every time).

The internet has all sorts of terrible ideas as to how to quiet or dampen the sound of your skateboard ramp - in particular the mini ramps (or halfpipes).  

You may read about wives tales on using insulation, filling the coping with whatever, or add pillows and blankets behind the ramp.  We are here to clear the air….that is all nonsense.  

There are really only 2 suggestions to help quiet your mini ramp.

  1. You can close up the back of your skateboard ramp with ¾” thick plywood.  This will eliminate the hollow sound significantly.  Again, don’t read into the bogus information about filling in that empty space before you close it up with plywood.  It doesn’t work.  Simply closing up the backend will help with the noise.  Some customers will get creative with it- we’ve seen several put hinges on the backend - making a custom door for storage, etc.  That is entirely optional to make use of the space.  But in terms of noise levels, close it up.

  2. Also using a softer gel wheel is helpful to give you the incognito vibe your neighbors won’t complain about while shredding your skateboard ramp. Generally the harder the wheel, the louder they hear ya coming! Many skaters have multiple skateboards with a different set of wheels, most prefer the harder wheels during normal street skating use & then at night we switch over to the gel softer wheels so your neighbor’s can get their precious sleep & you can shred your heart out!  Not every skater likes riding a gel wheel.  There are many pros/cons.  For this conversation, the biggest pro for having a softer wheel is the reduced noise factor.  If you have neighbors that are goin to be a narc, just throw on the soft wheels!

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