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GB Kicker
OC Ramps Grind Box attached to GB Kicker
GB Kicker
OC Ramps 6ft Grind Box
Grind Box – 6 Foot
from $309.00
OC Ramps 4ft Grind Box
Grind Box – 4 Foot
from $239.00
The GRL – Grind (box), Rail, Launch Ramp by OC Ramps
GRL Combo
from $599.00
8ft Grind Box skate obstacle by OC Ramps
Grind Box – 8 Foot
from $359.00
Designed By Greg Lutzka
OC Ramps and Greg Lutzka Brick Box with angle iron
Video of Greg Lutzka Brick Box by OC Ramps
Greg Lutzka’s Brick Box
from $599.00

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