OC RAMPS offers installation services at an additional cost.

Regardless of where you are located within the United States, we are able to travel to you and get your new skate ramp kit installed and ready to shred. We have been handling these installations for 20 years and hold 3 California licenses. Anything from one of our standard ramps to a custom ramp – we have you covered. So, if you do not have the time or do not want to spend your free time building your new skate ramp, leave the work to us.

The Benefits Customers Receive

Time and Peace of Mind
If time is valuable to you or you do not have room to set the time aside to go through the installation of your new skate ramp kit, let us do it. We are experienced professionals. Putting together and building these ramps is our job! Let our expertise give you peace of mind. There is no need to stop what you have on the books. Many of these installations will take our team one day to complete – one day and you will have a brand-new skate ramp without having to go through the hustle and bustle of installing. Please advise that custom ramp projects may vary on time of installation but, regardless, we will get the job done without you even having to think twice about the installation process.
From West Coast to East Coast, our team can travel to wherever you are in the United States to get your new skate ramp installed and ready to shred. Depending on your location, our team will either bring the skate ramp kit directly to you at the time of the installation or will have it shipped to you prior to them traveling to you for the installation. Although we are located in Southern California, we have traveled all over for installations. Plane, train, or car… we’ll be there!
Qualifications and Experience
Our team is licensed and bonded in 3 California licenses – General Contractors, Carpenters/Framers, and Engineers. We have been installing skate ramps for 20 years. We have been installing these ramps longer than any other company in the industry! We have built everything from backyard skate ramps to public skate parks. These installations have included skate ramp kits which customers ordered directly off our website as well as custom ramps which our customers helped bring to life.
When handling the installation, our team will provide minor leveling for your new skate ramp. We will elevate your ramp to make it structurally sound with the usage of concrete pavers. Please advise that if the space where the ramp will sit does require anything greater than minor leveling, you will need to have this done prior to the installation date. Purchasing Skate Paint to go with your new ramp? Our team will apply this for you once we have fully assembled your ramp. All you have to do is wait for the paint to dry and then you can put your new ramp to some use!
Pro Skater Perks
Did we mention that on most of our builds and installations we have a professional skater from our team with us? Our professional skate team includes skaters who have won X-Games and Street League medals but who also like to come and help the OC Ramps team on various installations. They will even do a quick demo at the end of the build. Not many people can say they have had a professional skateboarder at their house, let alone one that has taken a ride on their ramp!








If you are purchasing a new skate ramp kit from us and are interested in hiring the OC Ramps team to come to you and install your ramp, please fill out the necessary information below. All criteria are needed for our team to provide you an accurate quote for the installation. If you have any additional questions regarding the installation, please include this in the “Message” portion of the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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