We’re the #1 leading Skate Ramp kit company as we’ve sold over a 100k kits and remained a skater family owned business since 1999. Licensed & Bonded in 3 licenses; General Contractors, Carpenters/Framers and Engineers.  We use CNC machines for precision cutting on all transitions. 

Offer free shipping on all of our orders within the USA - from the smallest ramp kit to our largest halfpipe kits!

There are some areas where we shine a little brighter - We've been skating in business since the late 90s, a family run business of 12 employees in Orange County.

Our team is licensed & bonded General Contractors, Carpenters, Framers & Engineers. <-- No Joe Blows from Home Depot!!  Plus all of our imported/high quality, grade A plywood is used for the transition/logo pieces that are skillfully cut on our CNC machines to give that perfect ride every time.

The kits are included with all high quality materials, step by step instructions with pictures that are needed to build some fun ramps! Besides making DIY kits, we've had the pleasure to work with tons of celebs, production events, influencers & known brands. Our professional skate team consists of guys that compete in the SLS, X-Games, Dew Tour, Olympics, etc., so we have some amazing, talented riders with the knowledge & desire to help us create the most wanted ramps/obstacles.

We pride ourselves on complete kits & stand beside our products 100%, after all we want our customers completely hyped on our products & service we're able to provide. 

It’s a clear formula similar to a Marine Varnish that helps detour weather effects to plywood with the added feature of a special texture that helps grip the skate wheels rather than a slippery effect.

NO! Although Skate Paint is similar to a Marine Varnish, the two are completely different when dried. Using a Marine Varnish on your ramp will cause it to become too slippery to ride and, therefore, damaging the ramp.

The biggest difference between these two materials is the brand name. Both Skatelite and Gator Skins serve the same purpose and, in our opinion, are of the same quality. These are both ¼” thick weatherproof panels which will not only protect your ramp from the wear and tear that comes with various weather conditions but will also provide optimal traction for a smooth skate session. Which material you choose will be dependent on your preference and budget as Gator Skins do come in at a lower price point than Skatelite.

Yes! We do recommend that you still purchase Skate Paint as Skatelite and Gator Skins do not cover the entire ramp. These panels will only cover the skate surface of the ramp. You will still want to apply the Skate Paint to the two top decks, the sides and the back sides of the ramp. DO NOT apply Skate Paint on top of Skatelite or Gator Skins.

Skate Paint does NOT come in any colors other than clear. 

You are able to paint your ramp if that is what you would like to do. If utilizing Skate Paint, you must apply Skate Paint to bare plywood and allow it to completely dry before applying any other paint. When adding a colored paint to your ramp, you will want to make sure that this is an exterior, flat latex paint. You need to ensure that it is not a glossy paint as this will cause the ramp too slippery to ride.

Any of our products are very user friendly for any age & any level skater. We always say it boils down to the space where you’ll store the items and your budget. Any item you choose your kid would be stoked!

If you ordered one of our smaller ramp kits, our turnaround time is approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

If you ordered one of our larger ramp kits, our turnaround time is approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

Just need some handy skills with an impact drill. Each skateboard ramp kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled boards. The instructions manual has step by step directions with photos and the screws are already pre-counted! Our larger halfpipe kits do require a saw & tape measurer.  If you’re not handy with a power drill you may want to ask your neighbor (or friend) to help assist. 

Varies upon your skill of a drill and instructions, can take anywhere from 1-8 hours.  More hands on deck to assist will make the process quicker.

Half Pipes can be placed on grass, dirt, gravel or concrete. We do suggest elevating the ramp above surface level to avoid future undercarriage damage with concrete pavers, which also helps with minor leveling. The surface has to be as level as possible. Quarter Pipes need to be placed over concrete, cement, or asphalt. Fortunately, the quarter pipes are mobile and can be moved in and out of the garage, driveway or side yard.

We use all natural exterior grade A plywood. With that said, these skateboard ramps do require basic treatment and care. For starters, coat any outdoor ramp with Skatepaint and/or Gatorskins/Skatelite Pro. Plus with the use of a plastic tarp would also be very helpful and adds further longevity.

Sure! We would be more than happy to. Please send an email to and provide details of what you are interested in, where you are located, some photos of the space and ideas you have, and your overall budget. We will follow up shortly after with further information.

Yes, place your order on our website & under notes section at check out state - Will Call. Someone will follow up with you when the items are ready

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