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OC Ramps doesn’t design just for skateboarding. Our launch ramps are perfect as BMX ramps for bike riders, scooter riders and even rollerbladers as well. Basically anything with wheels and you’re set. And you can use our bike ramps for kids or adults!

People usually want to know how to build bike ramps, that is until they realize the amount of time and cost it takes to build one, once you’ve actually found ramp plans. One benefit to using our bike ramps for BMX riding is the perfect-model size and portability of our ramps. All quarter pipes come with wheels on the back – making the ramp easy to push around the street, garage, or side yard.

OC Ramps’ BMX Ramps Are Ideal for Grinding, Flips and Launching Airs

* These are not to be confused with metal folding or loading ramps used to load a motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV into a truck bed!

The construction and support of each bike ramp is built to receive the ultimate of beatings. It is important to pick the right size ramp for the job. Many cheap BMX ramps on the market are made with weak and expensive plastic that are tiny in size. No need to spend money on a launch or trick ramp that will get you just a few inches of air for a couple of years at best!

Choose any quarter pipe or half pipe ramp on our website for your bike ramp needs. You can also use these as scooter ramps, if scooters are your thing. Regardless of your choice, you will be happy with the quality and manoeuvrability of our products – none of them too large to move, nor too small to impede you from flipping or catching air.

bmx-ramp Bike Ramps

Bike trick on a BMX Ramp

bmx-ramps Bike Ramps

Catching air on bike ramps

Pick the right bike ramp for your needs

It is important to pick the right size BMX Ramp. Many cheap BMX Ramps on the market are made with weak and expensive plastic that are tiny in size. No need to spend money on a BMX Ramp that will get you a few inches of air!

The BMX ramp quarter pipe or halfpipe on our website is an overall realistic size ramp. It is not too large – making it difficult to move, nor is it too small impeding you from flips and airs.

We at OC Ramps love skateboarding, but we also look out for our BMX friends. BMX, scooter riders and rollerbladers will find that our ramp design is perfect for a simple launch ramp, or a professional backyard bike park. And that’s because when you buy a ramp kit from us, you can expect to build a heavy duty ramp.

Don’t worry, as you can use our BMX ramps in non-park settings. Anywhere you think you can put a half-pipe—the garage, on the street, or wherever else—we can help. You can even put two together to create a full ramp for you and your friends. Your imagination’s the limit, as you can create a variety of setups to test your BMX skills: a gap, table top and many more.

Anything you want to practice with your bike, you can with our ramps. Feel free to get creative and throw a grind rail into the mix to create your own mini BMX skate park.

We suggest that you pick the right BMX bike ramp size for your intended use. It’s also important to consider the area available to you. Don’t want to fit an oversized half-pipe in a tight yard, right? In addition, we use wood in our BMX ramps. We don’t use inexpensive plastic that will become pliant after a few ride sessions. Our ramps will give you better reliability when it comes to safety and gaining big air! You can even our specially designed skate paint for increased protection from the elements.

If you use anything with wheels, you’ll want to consider our BMX ramps. Everything we offer is portable, sturdy, and made by extreme sports professionals. With that, you can be sure that we had BMX riders in mind when designing and manufacturing the ramps ourselves.

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OC Ramps carries a new line of bike ramps / BMX ramps for beginner and professional bike riders.

www.ocramps.tk_images_bmx-ramp11 Bike Ramps

Jumping over BMX ramps

These ramps can be used by skateboards, scooters and bikes.

www.ocramps.tk_images_BMX_Wall_Ride11 Bike Ramps

Catching height on a quarter pipe BMX ramp to wall ride

In these photos, we have our rider, Donald, doing a wall ride with our 8′ wide quarter pipe.

www.ocramps.tk_images_bmx-ramp-wall11 Bike Ramps

8 ft quarter pipe BMX ramp to wall ride

These BMX ramps are portable.

You simply tip the ramp on its back wheels and move it where you wanna ride!

www.ocramps.tk_images_bmx-ramps11 Bike Ramps

Jumping a bike BMX ramp in the street

With two quarter pipe bike ramps, you can create a half pipe, gap, table-top, etc. In other words, you have a wide range of options with the use of more than one ramp.

Looking for BMX Ramp Builders? You Found Us.

www.ocramps.tk_images_bike-ramp11 Bike Ramps

8 ft to 4 ft quarter pipe ramp transfer

www.ocramps.tk_images_bmx-ocramps11 Bike Ramps

Side shot of quarter pipe BMX ramp transfer