Custom Wood Skate Park Builds

Want to Build a Wood Skate Park? We Can Help!

Wood is the pro skaters’ material of choice. Here at OC Ramps, we make it possible for everyone to skate on wooden skate ramps like their idols. We can make one for your backyard, for a vacant space in an empty lot or for the skatepark. Wherever you want it, you’ll get it. In addition, we can make any shape or type of ramp.

Precision is a cog in our creation of wooden skateparks. The electronic blueprints make it easy for everyone to view the master plan, and through machine precision cuts, our builders can ensure that everything is exactly as it should be down to the last detail.

We equip wooden skateparks with night lights, welded hand rails, bowled corners, tombstones and almost all other things skaters want. If you want, you can even help us develop a custom ramp for a different experience. Rest assured that we’ll use nothing but the highest-grade materials, including the lumber and steel, to ensure the park’s durability.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs. OC Ramps is here to help you and your community.