Skatepaint FAQ

What is Skatepaint?
A polyurethane epoxy component paint designed specifically for wooden skate ramps. Skatepaint protects the skate ramp from the water, snow and skateboard abuse.

How is it different from cheap sealants/polyurethanes at my local hardware store?
Cheap sealants are made for outdoor wood patios — not skateboard ramps. They create a “slip-n’-slide” effect. Meaning, the urethane skateboard wheels do not stick to the wood- its too slick a surface. You will ruin your ramp by applying such a sealant. We receive call after call of ramp builders that try and go the cheap route and by an inexpensive sealant to coat the ramp…bad idea. These ramp builders end up calling us thereafter knowing that Skatepaint will cure the problem. Don’t waste your time with cheap paints—go the smart route; buy and paint your ramp once with Skatepaint

What can I apply it to?
ANY type of wood, ie Plywood, 2×4’s.  Do NOT use on Masonite/Tempered Hardboard–its a cheap cardboard and not a real wood

How many coats do I need to apply?
One solid, thick, even coat is enough.

How long does it take to dry?
A full 24 hours.

Do I roll it on or spray it?
Use a regular nap roller. Sponge is best recommended. It does not need to be an expensive type of roller- just something basic.

How long will Skatepaint last?
Skatepaint can last up to 3 years. However, it all depends on your personal circumstances. For example, where you live, how much rain/moisture you get, how often skaters ride the ramp, if you cover it with a plastic tarp, how well you take care of it, etc.

How do I reapply it?
There is no need to completely sand down the original coat. Make sure the ramp is free and clean from debris. Then apply the Skatepaint.

Do I still need a plastic tarp to cover my ramp?
Yes. It is highly recommended. The better you take care of your ramp, the longer it will last! Simple as that! In reality, even a ramp with expensive Skatelite needs to be protected with a tarp.

What colors do you have?
Skatepaint is only available in clear.  If you’d like, you can apply a colored (flat) latex paint over the Skatepaint after its cured. This you can buy from any hardware store.

Can I add my own color mix-in or thinner?
No. Do not add anything to the chemicals of Skatepaint. It is not designed for additives of any kind.

Can I Skatepaint over an existing painted surface?
Yes. But please note; Skatepaint sticks to whatever you apply it to therefore its best recommend to apply the Skatepaint directly to the bare wood.

Should I seal or primer it before I apply Skatepaint?
No! Skatepaint has an epoxy in it, acting as a primer. It’s a two in one.

What happens if I ruined my ramp with Thompon’s water sealant already?Replace the wood, then use Skatepaint. No cutting corners next time! There is a reason cheap sealants do not work on wooden ramps–they weren’t designed to do so. Skatepaint is the only protectant paint that will prolong the life of your skateboard ramp.

What is the shelf life? Can I save the extra paint I don’t use?
Once you open the can or bucket, you have 24 hours to paint your skate ramp—there is no saving any paint. The shelf life to an un-opened can is 6-9 months.

Will this work on Masonite? Will it still be slippery?
Skatepaint works on ALL types of wood- Masonite is not a real wood, so no.  We also do not recommend using Masonite for any outdoor ramp. Use an exterior smooth sanded plywood instead. Masonite is a glorified cardboard–most of the composite materials are not wooden.

I see spots that didn’t absorb the Skatepaint on my ramp, what happened
The Skatepaint application needs to be done evenly. Skatepaint should be applied and rolled over the same spot more than once. After you paint a section, return and roll over it again and again.  There should be a glossy look to the ramp after its cured.

What is the delivery time for Skatepaint?
Once you place the order, we’ll ship it out within 1-3 days. After it leaves our warehouse, you should receive it within 3-6 days.

How much do I need to paint my ramp?
Determine the square footage of your ramp. One quart covers 50 sq ft. One gallon covers 150-200 sq ft. One bucket covers 1000 sq ft. A regular 4×8 plywood sheet is 32 sq ft. Count your plywood sheets to better determine your square footage. Most mini ramp halfpipes can use 1-2 gallons.  Quarter pipes often use a quart. The bucket of Skatepaint is often used for larger skate ramps or for multiple ramps.