Skatepark Designer

OC Ramps can help people who want to undertake the biggest project in the skateboarding scene: building a skatepark. As skateboarders, we have firsthand experience on what makes parks fun for everyone. If you’re planning to build one for your community or as a business, we’ll make sure to come up with a design that meets your and the city’s requirements.

We live and breathe skateboarding, and it’s our mission to spread the love of skateboarding across the United States. You’ll be in direct conversation with our skatepark designers to talk about terrain, ramps, rails, obstacles, and everything about the park. We’ll make sure that we create a master plan that’s got the smallest details perfected down to the last inch.

OC Ramps is also a skatepark builder, and you can count on us for a design-and-construct combo service. This way, you can be sure that the skatepark will turn out to the highest of standards. Talk to us about anything you want to add to your skatepark, including ponds, greeneries, and even BMX rails. Rest assured that our team will go about building your skatepark in the most efficient way possible.

To ensure that the project is in good shape, we will conduct the necessary analyses and get grant assistance if possible. Just like you, we want to make sure that everything is in order for the skatepark design and building. Through proper preparation, OC Ramps hopes to get the design and build aspects in line with what you expect. We always want what’s best for the skaters and the public, as a skatepark is a space for everyone.

Let’s have a real conversation about building a skatepark. Get in touch with our office, and we’ll have our staff schedule a meeting with you. Rest assured that you’ll deal with skateboarders who know the craft, from building individual ramps to entire skateparks.