Hometown, where do you reside now?
Home town is Kristiansand, Norway, but I live in Hollywood (California) now.

Go to trick
Fakie 3 flips on flat and on a ramp I would have to say ollie backside disaster.

Favorite OC Ramp obstacle
I like the mini ramps a lot and the bench is fun.

Favorite street spot
Skating around the city of LA. I dont have a Favorite spot but I like skating the hollywood blvd best flat ground in the world.

Favorite skate park
I like the venice park its a skate park on the beach Its like the california dream. Good times there you never know who you will run in to there

Favorite movies (non skate)
Dumb and Dumber ,Forrest Gump.

Favorite skate part of all time
There is so many but I would have to say the Guy part in the new Girl video is up there.

Favorite restaurant
Joe's pizza best NY pizza spot in town

Favorite place in the world
Norway in the summer time and California in the winter time.

Most memorable Skate Accomplishments
Winning the Norwegian championships and 1 st in Zuimez Couch Tour contest series, and skating all over the world on the Advetures of Danny and Dingo FUELl TV show for 5 seasons.

Shout outs!
Super excited to be part of the Oc Ramps team. I grew up skating and making ramps with my friends, it’s rad to be apart of that again.


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