TJ Rogers


Da Teej or Teej


Hometown, where do you reside now?
My hometown is Whitby Ontario and I still currently live there.

Go to trick
3 flip or nollie flip

Favorite OC Ramp obstacle
Definitely the Curb Kicker. You can use that unit basically everywhere and it isn't a big pain to bring with you or on sessions.

Favorite street spot
Anywhere that has a perfect run-up and landing.

Favorite skate park
Anywhere that all the homies are at and having a good time skating.

Favorite movies (non skate)
For sure Jack Nicholson's 'One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.

Favorite skate part of all time
William Patrick in Almost Round 3

Favorite restaurant
Wingstop 110%!!!!

Favorite place in the world
I'd definitely have to say California, but, I haven't traveled to Europe or until then, Cali is my fave.

Most memorable Skate Accomplishments
Getting my first legit sponsor (Circa) I got when I was 14. I was the happiest kid ever and still am to this day for them helping me out this whole time throughout my skating career.

Shout outs!
I’d like to give a MAJOR shout out to all my sponsors, my family and friends. Anyone who has helped me along the way with my skating and growing up. Much appreciated. WOOO!


Signature Skate Piece

TJ Roger's Picnic Bench  

TJ Roger's Picnic Bench

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