OC Skateboard RAMPS on Facebook

Yes, we are on Facebook with thousands of friends. Come join us. Our Facebook page is updated on a daily basis. Its a great way to communicate with other skateboarders from all over the world. We post skate videos, skate pics, random facts about skateboarding and FREE contest give-aways. There is always a FREE Hat Friday. Its a simple contest of different questions- the first to answer wins the hat! We also have contests for t-shirts, skateboard completes and other OC RAMPS gear. This week, we posted two skate clips of older videos. One of them is (we claim) the best Skateboard video in all history--an instant classic--"The End" by Birdhouse. It came out in 1998. Skaters like, Tony Hawk, Steve Berra, Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart. This video has amazing stunts and tricks by these incredible professionals. My personal favorite shows Jeremy and Heath skating down the street on fire with a fire truck behind them flashing their lights and sirens....simply awesome! So, what are you waiting for?.....stop reading this and become a fan on Facebook already!