ATTENTION!! Fingerboard Launch!

OC Ramps Headquarters
Fingerboard Products by OC Ramps
We have been in the business of building and selling skate ramps for over 20 years. Throughout our decades of being in the industry we have received a lot of requests for fingerboard ramps.
OC Ramps Fingerboard Halfpipe
Our approach to fingerboard ramps is a little bit different. You have probably seen that online there are a lot of cheap, plastic ones or companies that are outside of the U.S. that offer these with hefty shipping fees or extensive turnaround times.
OC Ramps Fingerboard Picnic Bench
The goal for OC Ramps is to maintain the same quality and service that we offer for our full scale, skateboard ramps to the fingerboard community. We also wanted to be creative with our designs and actually offer some of our full scale products in a miniature scale.
Fingerboard mini Launch ramp by OC Ramps
You’ll notice that you can purchase our fingerboard ramp that is a miniature version of our butter bench, picnic table, launch WR ramp, manny pad, grind box, etc. Although we have some new designs, a lot of our fingerboard products are replicas of our full scale products.
OC Ramps Fingerboard Bump to Stairs mini
Over the years we have also, silently, been cutting and building fingerboard parks for SORRY For Fingerboarding. For example, in 2018, we worked with Nash Jacquez, the owner of SORRY, to create an exact replica of The Berrics skate park.
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