Jimmy Kimmel Live! MOD SUN & Avril Lavigne x OC Ramps

Los Angeles, California

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, you may have seen some of our OC Ramps skate team along with our skate ramp kits if you were watching the Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode with MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne while they performed their new song "Flames."

We brought along our Jordan Hoffart's Butter Bench, Wedge Bump Ramp, and 8 ft Glow in the Dark Rail for the crew to skate while MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne did their performance.

The OC Ramps skateboarders who came long for all of the fun included skateboarders from our professional skate team along with one of our former team riders, Manny Santiago. We were stoked to have Greg Lutzka, Tom Ryen, and Mike Berdis with us to shred.

We had a blast working along side these two! It was definitely one for the books.


As always, please Contact Us with any questions you may have about your future skate ramp kit! The team over here is always happy to help.