Skate Park

Who doesn't like going to ride at a skateboard park? Skate parks offer something that street riding does not. So what is it that makes the skate park so exciting?
Skate Park - OC Ramps skateboard park - OC Ramps
I can find a number of reasons. For starters, the layout of a skate park is generally designed by ramp professionals. For example, most skate parks designed by Vans or the X-Games are done with skateboard professionals as well. In a park, you typically are confined to a certain amount of limited space. It is the job of these 'pros' to establish the best possible park by maximizing all the space available. Another plus about skate parks are the quality. Many skaters who build their own ramps are not using the same quality as a professional that installs a skate park. Its safe to say that the best ramps and rails to ride are done at a legit skate park.
Being in Orange County, we have plenty of local skate parks. One of the biggest and original skate park is Vans at the Block of the city of Orange. The warehouse is enormous. They have ramps, rails, pyramids, manual pads, etc....all designed for different levels of riders. This particular park has a spacious viewing area on the second floor--looking over the entire park. From this view you can see the vert bowl pool, new mini ramp halfpipe, and street course.
At OC Ramps we pride ourselves in creating quality products for the home user and skate park. Our business has continued to grow and expand into the larger arena of skateboard ramp design and installations. Not only do we specialize in residential skate ramps, but actual skateboard parks as well. OC Ramps can build concrete skate parks or custom wood ramps.
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