Skateboard Shop

Skateboard shops are coming along few and far between. 

There especially aren't too many skate shops that are owned by skaters and skateboarder operated. Why is this? Has corporate America established too many mainstream sports stores? Stores like Sports Chalet, Sports Authority, Chick's, etc.

We see it time and time again, these little skateboard shops go under. I feel we should support our local skate shops. Granted, some aren't the best business operators or brightest crayons in the box - but I'd rather support the skateboard scene than another big ass company full of executives that have never stepped foot on a skateboard or ever ridden a skate ramp. No sir. Our business goes to the true skating scene of the delinquents and rebels! 

This rant is dedicated to those hard working skateboard shops. Not only in America, but worldwide. Stay strong! Use your business intelligence! Skate hard!  Don't lose your skateboard roots!