Skateboard Sponsorships

How do I get sponsored?
Like all skateboard shops, we get asked quite frequently about skateboarding sponsorships. OC Ramps is currently working on a skateboard team to represent our company.
Here are a few things you need to know about getting sponsored:
1) You must be legitimately good at skateboarding! Most likely, if you send in a tape of you doing an Ollie up a cement curb -- you're not going to get anyone's attention.
2) You must have footage of you skating. This can be skate photos or videos.  Obviously, it is better to have both. Find a good editor to make your footage look professional. A quick-fix-video you make from your iPhone won't do the trick!
3) Your request for sponsorship should be well thought out - your expectations from the company as well as what you do to represent it. This is where you provide your self-worth--as well as justify it. You must be able to answer the question; Why would we sponsor you..? What are you going to do for OC Ramps? If you think we are going to give you free skateboard ramps and skateboards simply because you sent us a YouTube video--you will be wrong!
This is a give and take relationship. Sponsorships are not designed for skate companies to just hand out free products. They offer free items because you are exposing their company in a good way, to many people. In a form, its payment for advertising....and you're the billboard!
These guidelines are a solid foundation for 'how to get sponsored.' Skateboard companies all over the world are constantly looking to sponsor talented skaters and create new skate teams. Just know, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."  Meaning, you will have to work and earn your sponsorship!  Enjoy the sport, skate hard and be safe!