What's on your Wish list?

OC Ramps HQ
The holidays are of course the busiest time of year for many companies, us included! However we've been busy all year perfecting our game with some new additions & updating some amazing products that are even better!!
Earlier this year in late Winter, we launched Brad McClain's Blue Tile Quarter Pipe. With the sleek blue tile square cutouts under the galvanized coping gives this quarter pipe a modern twist to a classic product. The design & production of this fabulous quarter pipe was from the pool/bowl shreddin skater himself Brad McClain.
Jumping into early Spring and Summer months we released our latest rails which gave any ordinary rails a run for their money!! Being the leading manufacturer for skate rails we had to add our twist of fun to set us apart from anyone else. With that said, we launched the first ever Camo Skate Rail onto the market. With the incognito vibes your able to travel anywhere with this rail as it assembles from just a few pieces and fits in any vehicle, including a Prius! Beep Beep!!
Another spectacular addition is the Green Monster Skate Rail. It's bold & bright in appearance that gives a pop of a dramatic complexion. Mostly importantly it's the best flat rail on the market.

Spicing up our standard Round Skate Rails to having adjustable heights was a priority. Having two length options of 6 foot long & 8 foot long was the next preference. As well as bringing to the next level with a bold color choice, Glow in the Dark. Never been done on skate rails!! Sure it may look like ordinary white to some.
However once you let good ol' mother nature hit some sun on the rail it starts to glorify into it's radiant Glow In the Dark features!! Night sessions are a must!
Rollin into the Fall months we catapulted our newest products, The Road Series. Having a variety of construction obstacles we love to destroy and shred through the streets without having any issues from the Po Po was our ultimate goal. Forget those tickets and jump on your deck with any of the Road Series obstacles. From a simple Caution sign to the very popular Skate Cones would make anyone happy right. Well push over to our A Frame Construction sign & the never ending OC Barrier blocks. Having the ability to continuously add more barriers to make a lengthy shred sesh is what dreams are made of!!
The old saying goes, "Don't fix it if it ain't broken." So for us revamping an oldie but goodie product to upgraded features was a no brainer. Our Grind boxes previously came assembled, however we had so requests to make in a kit like all of our other products. The owner went to the drawing board and created the