Sony- Be Alpha Event

Downtown Los Angeles, California
For the makers who dream in vivid color, Sony has created state of the art imaging technology to further assist making your dreams a reality, one picture at a time. Curiosity and idea's flowing for the new promotion of Be Alpha has inspired many to fully emerge themselves with the concept.
Sony, OC Ramps, Downtown LA, DTLA, halfpipe, skateboarding
Wild designs & bright colors help project the vision of creativity. We had the pleasure to host a local San Diego artist to hand paint a half pipe in sections over a few days time span.
artist, oc ramps, skateboarding, half pipe, OC, Sony
Once the paint was dried on the pre-cut sheets of plywood, we quickly gathered our crew & materials to hit the road to Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday November 3rd, 2018..
DTLA, los angeles, oc ramps, sony, half pipe, mini ramp
The crew set up a gorgeous 16 ft wide half pipe with extension. Once the mini ramp was set up, the artist finalized some last minute brush strokes as the skaters were eager shred.
halfpipe, oc ramps, sony, DTLA, skateboarding, mini ramp
Killer views of the city as pro skateboarder Tom Tom shreds the half pipe.
DTLA, Sony, rental, half pipe, oc ramps, mini ramp, skateboarding
Pictured is pro skater Manny Santiago catching some air.
rollerskating, skateboarding, halfpipe, mini ramp, oc ramps, sony, Los Angeles
Speaking of catching some air, this female roller skater was stunning the crowd with her back flips on the half pipe!
rollerskating, halfpipe, oc ramps, skateboarding, los angeles, Sony, rental
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