ABC's Castle TV show and OC Ramps

We completed this job with ABC a couple months back but couldn't do any posts or talk about it until it aired. Well, the Castle episode that featured our ramps finally aired on April 28th...we can now post photos! The art director for ABC studios reached out to us about renting a street course to mimic a real life skate contest. Granted, this was to be on a smaller scale, but the episode had a scene at a skate contest and we were to build all the obstacles and make the course look professional. The premise, in this particular episode, was about a skater that was murdered and the hunt to find the killer as they interview several suspects within the action sport industry. Our own skater, Christian Sereika, was hired to be a stunt double to perform all the skating. We had less than a full day to install the ramps on-site at the ABC studious outdoor park. Our installation had to be precise and timed perfectly. The ramps were prepared at our warehouse in Orange County, CA. When we arrived on set to the studios, we had several trailers with over 7,000 total pounds of lumber. The pieces were already pre-cut and pre-drilled; ready to go. Our install team consisted of 6 builders. After about 5 hours, the ramps were 100% complete and ready to be tested! Unfortunately, skating the ramps was limited due to the fact that the art and props department had to finish decorating the set; painting the ramps, setting up the bleachers and banners/tents, etc. ABC shot that scene the following day and finished all they needed for their episode. Our crew returned the following day to disassemble and remove all the ramps. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed working with the people from ABC. Fortunately, they were really hyped too.
This is what they had to say about our services; "I had a great experience working with OC Ramps. We needed to build an X-games style street park for an episode of the TV show Castle. As usual we had a very short prep time and minimal info about what would be required for the stunts. Tyler helped me figure what would work best for us, the price was unbeatable and he and his crew were quick to set up on our prep day and quick to take down on our wrap day. Production was very happy with the set and we got a lot of great footage. I highly recommend using OC Ramps for all your skate & BMX ramp needs." Robert (ABC Art Director)
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