Air & Style

On February 22nd and 23rd Shaun White put on the event Air & Style at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. In the past this event has been hosted in Beijing, so we were stoked to hear that they were going to put one on here in LA.
Air & Style is a two day event of snowboarding, freeskiing and tons of musicians performing festival style. You may be wondering how LA could host a snowboarding competition because of our lack of cold weather and snow, but for this competition, Snow Park Technologies built a 16-story mega booter for the snowboarders and freeskiers to compete on. The headliners to the festival side of the event included Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki and the Flaming Lips, along with tons of other awesome artists.
We were contacted by the people involved in Air & Style to take on a really interesting project. They wanted us to go to Shaun Whites house and remove his spine mini ramp in the back yard. Our crew headed up to the house and after deconstructing and loading the ramp into our trailers, we headed down to the rose bowl where we were to deliver the deconstructed ramp. We then rebuilt the spine into sections for Air & Style to use for an art show that would be going on during the event. air2The art show involved 8 different LA artists to work on the different sections of the ramp. After they completed their work, it was auctioned off and all proceeds were for charity. It was such a cool experience for us to participate in this event, and very interesting to see a skate ramp used for something besides the usual! Thanks Air & Style for letting OC Ramps take part in this event, can’t wait for next year! air1