Another Double Installation - Garden Grove + Valley Village

Garden Grove, California + Valley Village, California

OC Ramps 12 ft wide Half Pipe

Towards the end of November 2021, we were contacted by a local customer who was interested in having a mini ramp installed in his backyard. He was interested in our 12 ft wide half pipe ramp with an extension piece. Not only was he interested in this ramp, but he was wanting the OC Ramps crew to come out and handle the full installation of the ramp.

OC Ramps 12' wide mini ramp with one extension

We carved out time in the busy holiday schedule and scheduled the day for his installation. Our team pre-fabricated as much of the ramp as possible to make for a smooth and flawless installation process. We headed out early one morning and headed down the street to Garden Grove, California. After just a few hours, the team had the ramp fully installed in his backyard!

Upclose Side View of OC Ramps Half Pipe

Our customer was all set and ready to shred into the holiday season! Just a week or so after this installation, we were contacted by another customer who was interested in having the OC Ramps crew come out to handle the installation of his recently ordered Garage Mini ramp.

Bone Structure of OC Ramps Garage Mini

We sent two of our team members out to Valley Village, California to handle the installation. The rest of the crew stayed at our headquarters to help prepare and ship out all of those Christmas orders. They showed up to the house and go busy building this mini ramp kit!

OC Ramps Garage Mini Ramp Installation

Our two-man crew brought all of the necessary tools to handle the installation. This included not only a few power drills and back up drill bits but also a power saw to make any necessary additional cuts to the plywood sheets. They worked quickly and efficiently to get this ramp fully assembled in just a matter of hours. This was a rad addition to the backyard!

OC Ramps Fully Assembled Garage Mini Ramp

Interested in having the OC Ramps crew come out and install your new mini ramp? Contact us at or by calling (714) 285-0220 for all details of how we can get the ball rolling on this and get your very own OC Ramps half pipe ramp fully assembled for you!