Ballin! 8ft wide mini ramp - halfpipe - installation Malibu

We had the chance to go install an 8 foot half pipe out in Pacific Palisades (Santa Monica/Malibu) on a hardscape basketball court for a customer recently. This customer was actually one of the very first purchasers of an OC Ramps quarter pipe almost 8 years ago! The customer couldn't get enough and decided to add an additional 8 foot half pipe to his backyard collection. mini-ramp-8-foot-wide_ The installation process was relatively easy as the outdoor court was already level and had proper drainage so there would be no standing water left on the half pipe in the event of rain. Another way the customer added to the protection of their half pipe was to add a later of skate paint to the finished product. Skate paint is a varnish that fends off any unwanted wear to the wood cause by weather and keeps the ramp looking pristine while doubling the shelf life of the half pipe. Skate paint is a must have for any outdoor ramp that will be exposed to natures elements. mini-ramp-8-foot-wide_2 mini-ramp-8-foot-wide_3 mini-ramp-8-foot-wide_1 mini-ramp-8-foot-wide_4 At OC Ramps we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible, so often times we will bring out one of our team riders to demo an installed ramp for your viewing pleasure and answer any questions you may have about the finished product. Check out the finished product for this install HERE! No idea is too gnarly for our team to design and install! CONTACT US here for any questions about both custom and existing products. With the holidays coming up, we will guarantee delivery before Christmas on all orders placed by December 10th. Don't wait! Surprise your loved one this holiday season with an obstacle from OC Ramps today!