Basement Skate Bowl via Crane Drop!

A good friend of ours asked us if we could build custom skateboard bowls.  Our reply - absolutely!

This client is currently building a brand new house in Laguna Beach and was interested in putting a bowl in the basement. Originally they were thinking of doing a movie theater for the basement but then they decided their kids would much prefer to skateboard instead. We believe they made the right decision!

Since this house was being built from the ground up, they wanted us to install the bowl corners before they finish too much of the framing plus the construction on the rest of the house. If the whole house is framed out it would be impossible to get the bowl corners through the doorways. The solution was to order a crane and drop in the bowl corners into the basement before they complete the basement ceiling, etc.

oc ramps skateboard bowl in basement via crane drop

We then began building the bowl corners at our warehouse.  Our staff began preparing all the supporting plywood pieces and the top skating surface.  

OC Ramps skateboard bowl with skatelite

It took us a couple of weeks to prepare all four corners including the rest of the ramp that will eventually connect the corners. 

Custom skate bowl by oc ramps with skatelite

We then loaded our trailer with the corners and set for Laguna Beach. Upon arrival we backed up our trailer right up against the crane operator and then we carefully used the straps to secure the very first corner.  

crane inserting skate bowl into basement oc ramps

Of course, this was a little nerve-racking simply because we have never done this before!  Nonetheless, we are a full team of licensed contractors, carpenters and engineers so between all of our combined expertise we figured we had a good handle on the situation!  The first corner lifted off carefully and slowly. Moving at a snail's pace over towards the basement when it was lowered in a place we felt a huge load of confidence.

crane drop of oc ramps skate bowl into basement

Continued with the remaining pieces slow & steady.

crane drop of oc ramps halfpipe kit into Orange County basement

Now that all pieces are delivered into the basement we will return in about six months when more of the house is complete and our team will finish the construction of the bowl.  

Stay tuned to see more progress and footage of this incredible project that we’re so thrilled to be a part of! 


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