Beach Side Mini Ramp

We always have the pleasure of building skate ramps in some of the most incredible places. Take Malibu beach for example. Gorgeous coast lines, waves and restaurants. Malibu is one of our favorite cities to build a ramp. We've sold several ramps to LMFAO's singer Sky in Los Angeles. He called us up and wanted to get a new 12' wide mini ramp for his house on the cliffs of Malibu. We happily accepted the work! Take a look at some of these photos of this immaculate ramp along the coast.

Photo below shows the initial installation of the foundation and frame. With the property lot being at an incline, we had to ensure the halfpipe sat level. You can do this by either digging a flat/level surface, and/or you can add bricks to lift up the low corners.

The next step after framing the ramp is to add the layers of plywood. The ramp pic below shows the finished product, however, Sky wanted to have his ramp painted Red and Black. The image shows what the bare naked wood looks like prior to any paint.

You can see here how well the ramp turned out once painted.

We used Skatepaint to coat this ramp. Fortunately, we are able to get Skatepaint in a variation of custom colors.