Beware of Skate Ramp Imitations and Knock-Offs!

Even in a slump economy, there are too many scam artists out there!....including skateboard ramp companies. This year alone, there have been over 6 skate ramp companies that have gone under. Do you want to buy a skateboard ramp from a skate company on the verge of folding shop? We sure wouldn't.
OC Ramps has been making skateboard ramps since 1997. We went corporate and international in 2005. These ramps are not the first built, and they certainly won't be the last. Do not be fooled by imitation companies and knock-off brands trying to re-create skateboard ramps like ours. OC Ramps has made other ramp companies upset simply because we're the big boys on the block. We are the Godfather's of Skate ramps. These ramps are of professional quality. They are made extremely durable to receive the highest skateboard beatings. You can buy your ramp from us in the kit form; do-it-yourself, or you can purchase them already built. Shipping on all of our items is always FREE. Feel free to browse our well kept website. We take much pride in the quality we offer.