Building a Skatepark for Ravenswood, West Virginia

Over a year ago, the Parks & Rec department in Ravenswood, WV, recognized the need for a skatepark in their small town.

OC Ramps travels to Ravenswood West Virginia to install

Hoping to provide an active and healthy alternative to combat ongoing substance abuse issues, the town decided to introduce skateboarding as a positive hobby for the youth and teens in the community.

Aligning with the theme "Everybody plays together," the skatepark aimed to cater to all ages and abilities, paying attention to often overlooked details like easy access with a concrete pad instead of mulch.

City Skate Park by OC Ramps in West Virginia

Amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, the Parks & Rec department dedicated efforts to develop more recreational options for the community. After three years of planning, the project is finally becoming a reality, and OC Ramps is thrilled to be a part of this initiative!

West Virginia Skate Park by OC Ramps

The OC Ramps crew embarked on a journey from LAX, involving multiple flights and a long car ride to reach the small town. Upon arrival, the installation team wasted no time mapping out the location, unloading pieces, and diving into the construction process.

OC Ramps Building a Skate Park for WV

The skatepark features OC Ramps' signature 12ft wide Halfpipe kit, 24k Gold Rail, Spine, and Quarter Pipe, all adorned with premium weather-resistant Gatorskins panels. Owner Tyler shared valuable tips and tricks during the build, ensuring the assembly went smoothly.

Local news coverage captured the excitement as the skatepark took shape, becoming the latest talk of the town. Once construction wrapped up, the OC Ramps team did what they do best – tested the ramps to ensure top-notch quality and perfection, making it just another day at the office for the squad.

small skatepark in WV by OC Ramps

With the installation complete, the OC Ramps team took some well-deserved time to explore the local attractions and enjoy the town's hospitality. The warm welcome and appreciation they received reaffirmed their commitment to bringing quality skateboarding experiences to Ravenswood for years to come. The OC Ramps family is excited to serve the community and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of the new skatepark!