How to Choose the Right Skateboard Ramp

We often get the question, "what is the best skateboard ramp for me," or "whats the best skateboard ramp for my kid who is just starting skating?" It's a great question and OC Ramps has the answers to make sure you get what is best for you.
To begin, we need to determine if you're looking to ride a 'street' obstacle or 'transition.' Street items include rails, grind boxes, and many of our signature series offered by our pro team. Transition is typically a ramp like a Quarterpipe, Halfpipe or Mini Ramp. Both halfpipe and mini ramp mean the same thing - a mini ramp is a halfppipe that does not have any 'vert' to it. Generally speaking, a halfpipe less than 7' in height won't go vertical at all, hence it's a mini ramp. For the most part, all of the ramps we offer are for all ages and all levels of skaters. Whether you're a new skater and need a beginner skateboard ramp or a seasoned vet who wants a mini ramp for your home, we have you covered. For most, it mainly boils down to space and budget. If neither is an issue, get the bigger or longer/wider ramp. A bigger ramp will give the skater more room to perform, do tricks and turn. Let's take our Grind Boxes for example; these are great for young kids and they're ideal for a pro skater to warm up on too. We offer different lengths; 4 feet to 8 feet. Again, if you have the space, go with an 8' grind box. However, if your son is small and will be moving the grind box in and out of the garage himself, then perhaps the 4 foot or 6 foot is better. In regards to a halfpipe, you might be debating an 8' wide or a 16' wide. Or maybe you're asking whether or not to get the extension or 2 layers of plywood. If you have the space and budget, go with the wider ramp. The 16' wide ramp is ideal for young new riders up to pro. By adding a 5' tall extension, you're adding a new exclusive element to the ramp- making it more exciting and versatile for the rider. The 2nd layer of plywood simply adds more strength and durability to the ramp. Overall, at OC Ramps we've been building and selling skate ramps since 1997. We have the experience and 'know how' to create ramps that attract the young new skaters and the pros that have been skating for 15+ years. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all. We are here to help!