Commercial with Blue Cross

OC Ramps was again hired by a production company to create several skateboard ramps for a TV commercial for the insurance company, Blue Cross. Yes, we know its ironic an insurance company is doing a commercial featuring skateboarders.

blue cross and oc ramps

Like all production companies, they gave us only a few days to prepare the ramps. We all worked overtime at the warehouse in Orange County to get the ramps built before the shoot. The idea was to build the ramps in our shop, take them down and have them ready to be installed on set. By doing this, we wouldn't need to worry about cutting and drilling the ramps on set. We were in essence, simply setting up the kit.

launch ramp

Above shows the landing ramp. It was 4' tall and 8' wide. We added a ton of more supports thereafter.

The above photo shows the drop in ramp. It was 4' wide and over 8' tall. The skater needed speed to catch air off the launch ramp, so the production company requested this be built.

drop in ramp with oc ramps

Once we got on set in Long Beach, California, we set up the ramps in a matter of 2-3 hours. We had to have the ramps built by 9am - even though they weren't going to film our scene until 4:30pm that day. After the drop-in ramp was built, we asked the skaters to test it out. They didn't hesitate a bit, these guys are the real pros!

skateboard ramps

There were two skaters for this commercial. They both did a great job. The two took turns and both stuck a ton of grabs, spins and a ton of air.

oc ramps and blue cross

We ended up taking down the ramps at 8pm. It was a long day -- but a successful one to say the least. It was a great opportunity to work with the skaters and the filming crew -- all were amazing people.
Look out for the Blue Cross commercial with OC RAMPS soon!