Concrete Dreams: Skatepark Bliss Comes to Cherokee, Iowa

Our passion has always been to create expansive, concrete skateparks that cater to the entire community.

While we've honed our skills with residential and private parks, there's a unique joy in knowing that our work will be enjoyed by skaters of all ages and backgrounds.

oc ramps concrete skate park in iowa


Our journey with a city in Iowa began in the summer of 2023. They were in search of a skate park spanning just under 10,000 ft.², complete with a variety of features including a snake run, bowl, quarter pipes, rails, and ledges.

Blue prints of OC Ramps Concrete Skatepark in Cherokee IA

Thankfully, they already had detailed blueprints and designs ready to go. After a thorough review of all the documents, we were thrilled to have won the bid for the project.

OC Ramps ground breaking concrete skate park

Free publicity was the local newspaper’s contribution so A LOT of the progress stories, photos of large donations were publicized.

Cherokee Iowa concrete skatepark with oc ramps

Breaking ground began at the end of April 2024, with completion targeted for August 2024.

Ground Breaking concrete skate park with oc ramps
oc ramps breaking ground in iowa for skatepark

The preparation for this project is substantial, involving meticulous logistics planning, coordinating the delivery of materials, renting specialized equipment, and, of course, pouring a significant amount of concrete. 

ground breaking concrete park with oc ramps
Concrete skate park by oc ramps

Despite the challenges, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring this skatepark to life and are eager to share the journey with you.

Cherokee Iowa Concrete skatepark with OC Ramps

Expect plenty of photos and videos documenting the creation of this exciting community asset. Stay tuned for more updates as we skate closer to the grand opening!