Custom Builds and Local Installations

1 2 3 5 This end of summer heatwave hasn't stopped OC Ramps from cranking away on multiple custom builds and local installations this past month. Our first build was in Norco, the weather was a scorching 105 and the build area had zero shade! It was also built on fake grass, which makes the area feel even hotter. Luckily, the awesome scenery of the backyard which backed up onto a golf course helped distract the build crew from the crazy heat. The foundation was already flat, so we didn't have to build it on blocks, unlike our next two installs which we had to elevate. The finished product was a rad halfpipe, 12 feet wide, 3.5 feet tall, 23 feet long with one 5 foot tall extension. 9 8 7 6 The next build was in Anaheim Hills on another blazing hot 105 degree day! Luckily, this yard had plenty of shade to help out. This customer had recently bought the house and was redoing all the landscaping in his massive backyard. His sons only request for the new yard was an OC Ramps halfpipe! This ramp took time with leveling, because the crew had to set up footings and blocks to build the ramp on. This was a custom 5 foot tall and 16 foot wide halfpipe. Our customers were stoked to see the final product! 11 10 The most recent build was an install in Palos Verdes, up in LA County. The yard only had around 15 feet of use able space, so the build crew had a limited amount of area to build the 12 foot half pipe. This ramp was built half on concrete half on dirt and had a somewhat unlevel surface to build on. It was another ramp that took some time to make sure that the leveling was perfect! A tip for people building our ramps at home: frame out the ramp first, and then level it before putting on that top layer of plywood. Once the top layer is on, you are pretty much locked into the leveling so you want to make sure its perfect before you put on that plywood! We were going to coat this ramp with some custom ordered gray skatepaint, but the customers were so excited to skate it they asked if we could leave the paint there so they could skate it that same day. We asked our Palos Verdes customers how they had found out about our company and they told us they had heard about us from many friends and neighbors. They knew that we have a great reputation, and that we have been in the industry for a long time. The customers knew that even though we may not be the cheapest in the area, with this type of investment they wanted it done right. You do get what you pay for after all! They decided on having us install the ramp because we are licensed contractors that can install perfectly in just a couple of hours. All of our custom installation customers are stoked on their final products, and OC Ramps is stoked that we could make all their dreams a reality!