Custom Halfpipe at Sheppard Texas AFB

Over the years we’ve shipped tons of OC Ramps products to military bases all over the world.

This base particularly was exciting for us as we got to do a custom mini ramp + fly to Texas to install on site. Installation on site, at a military base!! Such an interesting process for an ordinary person to get access on base. Tons of security measures were taken as we filled out lots of paperwork, provided way too much documentation & I think they even took a DNA sample - pretty sure we’re enrolled! Imagine!  (Full disclosure, we’re kidding about the DNA samples + enrollment)

Texas Air Force Base

We had a small two man team to tackle this installation. Booked a couple flights, watched Top Gun a few times and even got approved to stay in a lodge on base!! Full day of traveling, once the guys landed in Texas we made entry into the base, immediately looking for Goose & Maverick (Top Gun reference, if you didn’t know). Met our main point of contact & had a great time interacting with the Air Force as everyone was super hyped for us being on site + having a new outdoor activity - a custom OC Ramps Halfpipe! We got the special tour around base along with checking out a museum they had with tons of amazing items of history. Super rad to see a pinch of history in front of you, definitely an awesome experience itself!

OC Ramps custom 6ft tall Halfpipe on Air Force Military base

The two man crew started immediately bright & early the following day of arrival and began setting up the large custom half pipe - 6 feet tall x 16 feet wide x 36 feet long with the added premium weatherproof panel sheets of Gatorskins for the final skating surface. After a very long 14 hour day the ramp was completed.  It’s pretty much mandatory to test the ramp, see how everything settles to the ground surface. Whether your exhausted from a long day or not, quality control is key!! Guess what, the ramp skated smooth like butter & even better the base was beyond happy for the newest addition of fun!!

6ft tall mini ramp on Sheppard Texas Air Force Base x OC Ramps

Just like that, we’re back in Orange County, California. If your squad is in need of getting squared up with our halfpipe kits and/or our installation services, please connect with us & let’s make the dream happen for you & the community!!