Custom Halfpipe in Malibu Canyon

4 Last month, we were contacted by another awesome client who wanted us to come up to his property in Malibu to build him a custom ramp. We quickly recognized the clients name, Carl Daikeler, who is one of the founders of beachbody, a fitness, weight loss, and muscle building home-exercise DVDs companies. This company created the P90X work out DVDs and many other well known fitness products. He came to us because he wanted to be able to have a large skate ramp to practice on at his own convenience, instead of going to the skate park as a beginner. Being in the comfort of your own back yard definitely can boost the confidence level of any skater! 3 We designed Carl a custom halfpipe that is very similar to the one we have here at the warehouse. It was 16 feet wide, 5 feet tall, with one 7 foot tall extension, and a roll in. After getting the design perfected, and the ramp prepped in the warehouse, we headed up to Malibu to get it built.
The location was incredible! Carl's home is on a 300 acre property located in Malibu Canyon. Just to get to the build sight, we had to drive a few miles on a dirt road. It definitely didn't feel like we were in Malibu anymore! We had an awesome time building the ramp and the customer loved the results.