Custom Ramp Installation - Halfpipe by Orange County Ramps

We appreciate every opportunity we have to go install a halfpipe on site. I couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go to (singer) Melissa Etheridge's house in Los Angeles to build a custom skateboard ramp. Obviously, when we build these ramps for celebrities, its not really going for them-- the ramps are for their kid/s! The ramp they wanted built was a 16' wide halfpipe with two layers of plywood and an extension. There were also several custom features they requested; 1/4" thick Skatelite PRO skating surface, Roll-In, extend the top decks to 4' deep and lastly, add custom hand rails. We arrived on the scene in Los Angeles at about 9am (after a couple hours of traffic, of course). It took the OC RAMPS professional installation crew a full day-- we left LA at 7:30pm. The custom half-pipe mini ramp was a huge success. Some of the crew had a few minutes to test the ramp when we finished-- from experience, this was one of the smoothest ramps we've built. It felt like a concrete ramp-- in the sense you couldn't feel any seems and the fact it rode so smooth and quick. The roll-in part of the mini ramp is an awesome feature. Overall, other than the pride of the installation crew, our clients were extremely excited and happy with the ramp. Contact OC RAMPS for installing your custom halfpipe or mini ramp. We services all local counties; Orange, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, etc.