Custom Roll in Mini Ramp for Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

Another gorgeous halfpipe for a few of our favorite celebrities in Los Angeles, California.

Ben Affleck & JLo mini ramp by OC Ramps

To be exact, the dream halfpipe setup was actually for Ben Affleck & JLo’s kids. Let’s just say, those kids know what’s up! We received a request from Ben's assistant that they needed to get dialed in with our products & like yesterday! We quickly discussed their needs and space to work with. Narrowed down the ramp with all the bells and whistles that fit perfectly to their skaters' needs! Within days our installation team of General Contractors, Framers & Engineers were at the front gate of these celebs. The team went into action immediately (pun intended, wink wink) by laying out all the material in sections.

Halfpipe installation for JLo & Ben Affleck by oc ramps

Within just a few short hours the squad knocked out the installation with their top notch skills. We assembled our 12ft wide halfpipe with an extension corner and added a roll in feature with extended top deck for extra room. Of course handrails for added safety. We topped the ramp with premium weatherproof panel sheets of Skatelite, which made the ramp next level smooth. 

OC Ramps Custom Roll in Mini Ramp for Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

The best part was to hear how hyped the clients were with the quality of materials, our professionalism, and efficiency. There’s a reason why we’re the top ramp company that everyone wants to work with & receive top notch services. Are you ready to make your halfpipe dream come true? If so, contact us directly to make it happen!