Custom Skate Park on Tennis Court

Although we specialize in skateboard ramp kits, we also design and build custom skate parks (both wood and concrete). Some local Orange County customers wanted a custom set up on their tennis court. They had an existing halfpipe but wanted to add some street skate obstacles. Ideally they were looking for a quarterpipe with a table top/pyramid including a hubba and 4 stair with a hand rail. Our clients had us speak with their 11 year old son (for whom the park was for) and we were able to gauge the size park and level of ability as he has as a skater. Part of our design assessment is to create something that is 'rideable' by a young skater on up to pro skaters. The design was created and approved- the OC Ramps crew then started building right away. It took a couple of weeks to prepare the ramps. We arrived at the property thereafter the with the ramps in pieces- ready for assembly. After a few days, the skate park was ready to be tested. We were able to bring a few of our pro skaters to ride the ramps with the clients' son and his friends. Some of the pros that were invited were; Ronnie Creager, Dave Bachinsky, Shuriken Shannon, Jordan Hoffart, and Ryan Sheckler. These 5 legends skated the park for several hours. Many of the families came and we set up some food and ice cold drinks. The photo/video shoot quickly turned into a lil party! The view of this park is absolutely stunning. This home along the cliff has an amazing view of the Ocean including a clear shot of Catalina. Contact OC Ramps for any custom skate park- whether it be of wood or concrete, public or private, we're here to help! Check out the video footage and photos below!

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