Custom Skate Ramps

OC Ramps does build custom ramps.  We mainly mass product the skateboard ramp kits that are found on our website, yet we also design/install custom ramps of all sizes.  We can install bigger/taller halfpipes, quarterpipes, manual pads, etc.  Anything you can think of- we've built it.  Click to read more. Skateboard Ramps - OC Ramps

A few weeks ago we had the great opportunity to install a custom half pipe at a residence in Huntington Beach, California.  This ramp sits 4' tall with a 6' tall extension, 16' wide and 30' long.  We used 3 layers of plywood for the skating surface with a final coat of SkatePaint.  Since the property is within just a few blocks from the ocean, they get a good amount of moisture in the air and dew.   Skatepaint is necessary to protect the wood and ramp. The Halfpipe took several days to build.  After we finished installing the custom ramp, we also designed a walking patio that wraps around the ramp.  The homeowner wanted to be able to set up a couch or lawn chairs on this patio/deck-- so people can watch others skate and do sick airs out of the ramp.  This backyard ramp in particular, was tucked away in the back corner--an area that would get real dark at night.  We decided to bring in our licensed electrician to install a few flood lights above the ramp.  In addition to the lights, we also added an electrical outlet underneath the patio/deck.  A stereo will be placed under the deck so the skaters can blast speed metal while tearing up the ramp! Contact OC RAMPS for any custom ramp job.  We can custom build any wooden ramp or concrete.  Skate parks are a breeze with our professional staff and installation crews. Pro Photography done by none other but, Johnny B.  Visit his website at;