Double Installation - Oceanside + Fullerton

Oceanside, California + Fullerton, California

12 ft wide mini ramp with two extensions extended angle

A few months ago, the OC Ramps crew was busy preparing for a fun-filled weekend of installations! It is not every week that we get to handle back-to-back installations but when we do our team could not be more stoked.

3 ft tall x 8 ft wide OC Ramps mini ramp backside angle

The first installation was to occur in Oceanside, California while the second was closer to our home base and was in Fullerton, California.

3 ft tall x 8 ft wide mini ramp top deck angle

For our Oceanside build, we were contacted by an individual who was looking to have a rad new addition to his yard. We went back and forth with him working out the perfect fit for his backyard. We ultimately decided that his side yard was the perfect space to add in a mini ramp. Based off the dimensions he had available in his side yard, we recommended that he goes for our 3' Tall x 8' Wide Half Pipe. He also opted in for Gator Skins to cover not only the skate surface, but the top decks.

3' tall x 8' wide mini ramp quarter pipe pieces

Once we got the green light from the customer and scheduled his installation date, our team began the prefabricating process in the warehouse. We prepared parts of the ramp prior to the installation to make for a smooth build once our crew arrived. We packed up our tools, screw hardware, and all ramp materials on our flatbed trailer.

 3' tall x 8' wide mini ramp bone structure

On the morning of the installation, our team members hooked up the trailer and hopped in the truck to head on out to sunny Oceanside, California. Upon arrival, they began to work together to unload all materials, both prefabricated and raw, and carried them to the customer's side yard. After the trailer had been unloaded, the real fun began - the build!

3' tall x 8' wide mini ramp with first layer installation

They worked quickly and efficiently to get the ramp build. After just a few hours, our customer had a brand new ramp up and ready to be skated. Our customer was could not have been more thrilled with his new at-home skate spot. The team packed up their tools and all spare material and headed back to the warehouse to prepare for another day of building.

3' tall x 8' wide completed mini ramp

Our second build was located in Fullerton, California for well-known tattoo artist, Tim Hendricks. When we first heard from Tim, we had him come out to our shop in Santa Ana, California to show him around and bounce some ideas off one another. Tim came in and spent some time speaking with Tyler Large, owner and CEO of OC Ramps, about all things skateboarding, tattooing, and more. Tim wanted to create a fun skate spot for himself and his family to enjoy in the comfort of their own backyard. We love a good backyard skate session!

12' wide mini ramp with two extensions

Tim decided to go with one of our favorite mini ramps, the 12 ft Wide Half Pipe with TWO extensions. Not only do we love mini ramps, but we love a mini ramp with one or two extension. I mean, why not add some more fun to your ramp if you can? He also wanted to add some custom colors to his mini ramp. We went with a brick red on the radius pieces and top decks while the skate surface was white.

Sandbox Foundation

Our team was busy not only prefabricating portions of the ramp, but they were busy obtaining the paint colors and getting the ramp completely painted. After all materials were prepared and the paint had dried, we did what we always do for the next step. You guessed it. We packed everything up on our flatbed trailer and ensured all tools and additional materials had been loaded into the truck.

12' wide mini ramp materials

Prior to the installation, Tim had a sandbox foundation set for the ramp to sit on. We love the way this foundation looks. You want it to be just a few feet larger than the perimeter of your mini ramp. It is then filled with gravel - any size of your choice. The gravel allows for drainage rather than build up under your mini ramp.

12' wide mini ramp bone structure

The morning we arrived for the installation, everything went smooth as can be. The crew assisted with carrying all materials to the installation site in Tim's backyard and got to building as soon as our trailer was empty. Tim and his family could not be more excited to see this ramp being built in their own backyard. No reason to drive to the skate park!

12' wide mini ramp build

In a matter of hours, our crew had the mini ramp fully assembled and ready for a solid shred session. Tim and his family were hyped on the outcome from the build to the paint colors to the years of fun they have ahead on this ramp. As his skaters continue to progress, the width of this ramp along with those double extension creates a plethora of ways which they can advance on their ramp and practice those new tricks.

12' wide mini ramp OC Ramps team installation

At the end of the day, we headed back to our warehouse and began preparing for what lied ahead the following week. We had a great time doing two back-to-back installations with two different mini ramps in two different locations. There is one thing we love more than prepping and building these ramps and that is seeing the excitement on a customers' faces when they see their new skate ramp fully set up and ready to skate!

12' wide mini ramp completed installation

Please contact us with any questions which you may have on our products or on hiring our team to come out and handle the build of your new half pipe kit!