Finding a Line @ The Ford Theatres

Hollywood, CA

Recently renovated & beautifully located on a 32 acre regional park in Cahuenga Pass the Ford Theatres is currently one of the oldest performing art venues still actively in Los Angeles, California. A wide focus towards a unique list of events showcasing music & trends that evolved the LA community to what it is today. With contributing factors to the artistic interpretation & modernization of local culture, the envision is to strengthen community connections and aspire to provide space and resources to assist in flourishing talents.
ford theatre, LA, oc ramps, skateboarding, music, llive band, half pipe
Jason Moran & the Bandwagon; Finding a Line honors the imagination of the skateboarding community along with a variety of artists & musicians which sets the best vibes in the open scenic theatre.
LA, OC, oc ramps, half pipe, live perfermance
“In jazz, there are so many moving parts, and within a composition, there are obstacles in the form. Street skaters navigate a landscape finding ways to approach a rail in the same way a drummer approaches the beginning of a song. The mode of improvisation is paramount to how both skaters and jazz musicians approach life.”—Jason Moran
ford theare, la, oc, oc ramps, half pipe, wood, music
OC crew was stoked to be apart of this awesome multiple day event to shred on our 16ft wide half pipe in front of hundreds of diverse adults/kids from local LA Schools & University's.
As we arrived on location we were greeted with friendly staff & a rad VIP green room, filled with yummy treats & lots of space for our team! The theatre was filled to capacity of over a thousand hyped kids as our skate team put on one heck of a demo shreddin' the half pipe on stage with the music guiding their performance! The skaters included Mike Berdis, Austen Coburn, Donny Moran, Greg Lutzka, Taylor Mc Clung & Brad Mc Clain.
ford theatre, la, oc ramps, half pipe, music
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