Halfpipe Build in Bel Air

rsz_1oc-ramps-2027   rsz_oc-ramps-2058 A big time real estate developer, Nile Niami, known for building a famous property in Bel Air that is worth $500 million dollars, has two sons that skate and have wanted a half pipe in their yard.. He is completely redoing a house for his family in Bel air, gutting the whole thing and redoing the landscaping, and he wanted to add in a ramp to his new backyard set up. He did his research and found us to have the cleanest website and most professional products and services. He decided he wanted the 12 foot wide by 5 foot tall half pipe and one 7 foot tall extension, he wanted it painted with custom skatepaint colors as well. Nile wanted to make sure the ramp was protected and sealed well and was excited to see that we carried the perfect product for that. When we showed up onsite, the entire construction crew was at the house working, when we pulled up they were in the process of putting in an entire custom theater system, as well as painting the house. He had just poured a concrete slab where we were to install the ramp, he had it poured to the exact dimensions of the ramp so it would fit perfectly. rsz_oc-ramps-2003 rsz_oc-ramps-1870 The OC Ramps crew installed the ramp, with everything already pre-cut and drilled, the crew assembled the ramp in about five hours. After which, our good friend Jeffrey Moustache pulled up just in time and took some photos with his drone and other gear with Dave Bachinsky, Tom Tom, and Christian skating the ramp. While they were skating, everyone who was working on the house came out to watch the demo. They were stoked to see the ramp in action. Nile showed up at the very end and was very pleased with the complete product. He was so impressed with us and the skaters and their talent, that he wants us to go back and help his kids learn to improve their skating abilities on their new half pipe. rsz_oc-ramps-2061