Huntington Beach Driveway Mini Ramp

Surf City, California, is such an amazing place. This is where we began OC RAMPS back in 1997. Only there can you truly surf, skate and snowboard in one day. A customer called us and inquired about getting a mini ramp halfpipe for their house. This particular client lives 1 block from the ocean- and her backyard is taken up by a pool/spa. The only other location to build the ramp would be either the garage or driveway. You can buy a halfpipe for your garage- but the garage mini is 2' tall. Its awesome in the sense that its a ramp inside of a garage. However, if you're looking for something taller and wider, the garage may not be ideal--That left us with the driveway. We built the ramp so that our customer can still park in her garage and walk by the other side to access the side yard and trash barrels. Overall, this ramp was made perfectly for their garage. The street our customer lives on is surf/skateboard central-- their neighbor has a mini ramp on their driveway too. All the other neighbors have portable ramps, like quarterpipes and grind boxes, rails, etc.