Indoor Skate Park

Haven't you always wanted an indoor skate park in your very own house? These particular clients did just that. Not only did they have the perfect living room to place the ramps, but they have the perfect property location. This specific home is located in Laguna Beach/Dana Point on the famous surf beach, Salt Creek. You can skate the mini ramp, butter bench and quarterpipe, then grab your surfboard and paddle out to catch some sick barrels. What a perfect scenario, right?!
Our small crew arrived at the scene in the late afternoon in February. We set up our tools and began assembling the skateboard ramp kits. The ramps were finished in just a few hours. We also brought our surfboards to paddle in the water after work- unfortunately that day, it was made for long-boarding as the waves were only 1-2 feet tall. Lame!
We will be having a photo shoot back at this property with our pro skate team later this week. More photos to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!