Inground Halfpipe - Vegas Edition

Viva Las Vegas, Nevada

We were approached by a landscaping company in early 2020. They inquired about a custom skate ramp for a house that was being built out in Las Vegas. The idea was to build a mini ramp in ground unlike most traditional skateboard ramps that are above ground. They sent us some photos and sketches of the idea that they had and since they were landscapers they were going to prep all the work and put in the drainage prior to the installation of the ramp. At this point in time the house hadn’t even broken ground yet so everything was preliminary and in discussion. Overtime we worked with the contractors and landscapers to give them the proper dimensions and input needed to execute this innovative idea. 

Inground halfpipe foundation

In early 2022, our clients were ready to have us come out to Vegas and install the ramp.  Directly after finishing the Google ramp in San Francisco, our team flew home to Orange County and immediately loaded our pickup truck with a 12ft wide mini ramp with extension kit and drove out to Las Vegas. Let’s just say that was a busy 24 hours. 

OC Ramps truck

When we pulled up to Las Vegas it was about 3pm and was starting to snow. None of us have ever seen snow in Vegas! The community that we pulled into was absolutely beautiful - all the homes are custom built and north of $25 million! The community golf course was used in the PGA tour and looked like it was photoshopped in real life! With the sun setting at 5:30pm we had a short window to start assembling the 12ft wide halfpipe ramp kit.  

inground halfpipe installation oc ramps

The goal was to at least get the framing done with the ramp which we were able to complete in the freezing cold. We carefully position the ramp around the drains that were primarily there for the purpose of draining any water in the rare case that it rains in Vegas. 

inground halfpipe framework oc ramps

At sunset we had to wrap up for the day.  We set aside our tools, loaded up her truck and then headed back to the strip where we were staying for the night. Tom, Christian and Tyler (owner) went out for a good dinner and rested early because we had a busy day ahead of ourselves. 

framework of oc ramps inground halfpipe

The next morning we drove out to the client and finished with the layers of plywood. 

inground wood halfpipe installation by oc ramps

Next was to top the ramp with sheets of GatorSkins

oc ramps inground 12ft wide halfpipe

The customer wanted a checkered pattern with the top surface of Gatorskins. We were able to finish the installation on that second day by mid afternoon. 

oc ramps 12ft wide halfpipe inground checkered gatorskins

The contractors came out to watch us demo the ramp and take photos. They were really impressed with the efficiency of our professional install team, after all we are licensed contractors, carpenters and engineers. Check out the video on our Instagram HERE (direct link)!!

Tomtom skateboarding inground halfpipe

We then grabbed our tools, loaded the truck and drove back to Orange County. Between the ramp at Google and the Vegas trip we were extremely exhausted and took the weekend to get our beauty rest! 

inground oc ramps halfpipe with extension and gatorskins

If you have a custom ramp or a particular job that you would like to consult us with please feel free to reach out via email or phone, we would be happy to help. Although we’re based in Orange County we do travel all over the nation for custom skatepark and skate ramp jobs.