It's that time again, Updates!

From California to all over United States

With summer ending and school beginning for many, the fun may slow down but it'll never truly end when you have your own dope set up with OC Ramps products! Our main goal at the HQ is to ensure ALL of our customers are happy & 100 % stoked on our products and services we provide. From the front desk with amazing customer service of going above & beyond with a smile to our warehouse crew building by hand and elevating someone's dream half pipe into a reality at their house, warehouse or even local community park.

Recently had the pleasure of fulfilling the dream for a family in Malibu, California. The parents needed our assistance as a busy schedule didn't allow the fam to build a half pipe. Also wanted a headache free experience! Our specialty! Not only do we offer half pipe kits that your build yourself, we offer installations (we travel worldwide) from our licensed & bonded crew of General Contractors, Carpenters & Framers.

Our crew went to work and started assembly of the bone structure. Went together like cake!

Once the bone structure was solid, then the top sheets were applied. The clients wanted their ramp with a custom color of Skate Paint to match their house/outside decor.

Pictured is our 16ft wide Half Pipe with two extensions mirrored (in front of each other) and custom addition of guard rails on each side (We do not carry this in a kit form YET; however it's in the works).

Creating the perfect work atmosphere starts with adding a half pipe into your warehouse!!

One of our clients in San Clemente, California wanted to add a personal touch to their new spacious warehouse. Without hesitation, this was the first piece of furniture to the new spot!

Our crew installed the mini ramp within a few hours; pictured is our 8ft wide Half Pipe with one extension. We can't verify how much production will be done with this new addition, however the workers will be one happy campers!!

So not every location is a permanent home for half pipes. We get the question very often, how do we move it?! Well, there is a few options; basically get your hands ready to unscrew thousands of screws and then stack the lumber. Or just move it whole on a semi truck with a flat bed!

In particular one of our customers in Houston, Texas was very clever at their place of business by having the 8ft wide Half Pipe moved from inside the warehouse to the open parking lot for an event.

As you can tell this beauty has been touched by a local graffiti artist to enhance those wooden features with bright & colorful expressions.

Hey side angles, have no fear..we see you!

Speaking of clever clients!! Not everyone is in the market to own a mini ramp. Some want smaller obstacles to make their own private skate park as well as easier storage options. A client of ours in Bakersfield, California recently ordered a handful of products to make her own skate course in their backyard.

The appealing feature of  smaller obstacles is creating a unique set up to your own preference. Plus you can always add obstacles and expand! Our client Julie hand built all the product kits with the family which created lasting memories for the kids! Pictured is Jordan Hoffart's Speed Bump, Spine Quarter Pipe, 4ft & 6ft wide Quarter Pipes. All products were coated with clear Skate Paint to help detour weather effects.

Another happy little grom in Phoenix, Arizona shreddin' our Signature Series obstacle; Ryan Decenzo Double Step Ledge.