LA Clippers Crenshaw Skate Club

Los Angeles, California

Earlier this year the LA Clippers came to us asking for a skate ramp that they would need for a photo shoot involving the Crenshaw Skate Club. This job was particularly interesting simply because of the time frame that we had to work within. After thinking the job was going to be delayed we received a phone call from them asking if we could turn around a custom quarter pipe ramp within just a few days. Below is the mock up they envisioned for the project.

oc ramps quarter pipe mock up with branded logo

Generally we could build a custom skate ramp with a quick turnaround but to do it in a few days is a little tricky not to mention the fact they wanted some custom graphics printed to go on the surface of the ramp. We do work closely with the same company that prints all of our vinyl decals and wraps so fortunately we were able to expedite the order and get the logos created for their ramp just in time. We then assembled a 4 foot wide by 3 foot tall quarter pipe and had it delivered in downtown Los Angeles. 

OC Ramps 4ft wide Quarter Pipe with LA Clippers Skate club

Photo Credit - Tim Hans

Upon arrival the Clippers discovered they didn’t have a way of moving the ramp to the photo shoot the following morning. We then had a coordinate re-delivery to a park in Los Angeles for the next morning at 7 AM. As you can imagine LA traffic is not kind so we would have to leave our warehouse around 5 AM to arrive in time. We were able to get the ramp delivered 10 minutes before our call time - They were thrilled. 

LA Clippers Crenshaw Skate club OC Ramps Quarter Pipe

Photo Credit - Tim Hans

We had a great time working with the LA Clippers. They were very impressed with the product plus our quick turnaround and flexibility.  

LA Clippers Crenshaw Skate club with oc ramps quarter pipe

Photo Credit - Tim Hans

The photographer Tim Hans got some really great shots to not only capture their apparel & branded logo but our skate ramp too!!

LA Clippers Skate Club x OC Ramps Quarter Pipe custom branded

Photo Credit - Tim Hans

Here is a direct quote from them:

“OC Ramps truly went above and beyond for us! They completed our request quickly and ensured our ramp was exactly what we wanted. A huge thank you to Tyler for making our vision a reality and for communicating updates every step of the way.”

LA Clippers Crenshaw Skate Club branded logo OC Ramps skate ramp

Photo Credit - Tim Hans

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