Los Angeles Rams 2022 Draft House Halfpipe

Hollywood Hills, California

In early March we were contacted by a marketing firm about installing a skate ramp in Los Angeles.

Our staff went over the typical routine of processing the request of installation services with our halfpipe kits. The contact finalized which ramp would work for their space allotted which was the 8ft wide halfpipe kit, information was exchanged and the appointment was booked for a later date to deliver & assemble.

The day of installation our team loaded up the truck and arrived at a gorgeous home located in the Hollywood Hills where the homes all had fantastic views of the city. 

LA Rams Draft House OC Ramps halfpipe

Photo Credit - Brevin Townsell/LA Rams

We work very frequently in the Los Angeles area with many high profile brands & clients which are rarely released until after booking or even last minute when we arrive on site. Our contacts advised us that this home was for the Los Angeles Rams 2022 Draft Season.

LA Rams mascot Rampage mini ramp

Photo Credit - Brevin Townsell/LA Rams

The state-of-the-art home was to showcase a rich collection of LA Rams art and memorabilia, including some custom LA Rams skateboard decks.

LA Rams Draft House skatebboard decks

Photo Credit - Brevin Townsell/LA Rams

The luxurious amenities included an OC Ramps skateboard ramp, Pool Table, Media Room, an amazing patio area with an inviting pool & spa for ultimate relaxation, golf simulator and so much more!!

LA Rams Draft house pool oc ramps mini ramp

Photo Credit - Brevin Townsell/LA Rams

Our team installed our 8ft wide Halfpipe that fit perfectly with the scenic views. Pictured is the LA Rams Mascot, Rampage taking a breather on the ramp.

LA Rams mascot Rampage on OC Ramps halfpipe

Photo Credit - Brevin Townsell/LA Rams

Once the 2022 Draft season is completed, the LA Rams plan to have the ramp autographed, disassembled and then donated to a non profit after school program. We cannot think of a better way to end a project by giving back to the community where it’s truly needed! We’ve enjoyed working with our contacts that assisted on making this project run as smoothly as possible. If you have a project in mind & need our expertise, please contact us and we’ll get the wheels spinning!