Lil Wayne Video Shoots

rsz_1 For the past 3 years, Lil Wayne has used our ramps and products for his personal use. Anytime he films a music video, he wants to have skate ramps and rails on the set to keep him entertained during the long days and nights of filming. We got a phone call a few weeks ago that he was going to be filming three different videos over a three day span, and he wanted us there each day. rsz_5 The first video was in Downtown Los Angeles in an abandoned warehouse. This video was with Lil Wayne and Two chains, and we were able to skate there for a good amount of the day. The following day was a shoot for a samsung commercial that was also in DTLA, at another location in a parking lot. The OC Ramps crew with Christian and TomTom went out to this shoot and skated for most of the day in the parking lot. Wayne would come out and skate with us in between takes and then head back in to shoot some more. Our good friend and great photographer, Mustache, came out and took photos of all of us skating and having a good time. We were all trying new tricks and trying to push each other and also just having a lot of fun with it. rsz_3 rsz_2 The third day was another video shoot up in Hollywood in a residential neighborhood. The propert was pretty small, so we had an issue with space for setting up ramps and rails. This meant that unfortunately, Wayne wasn't able to skate anything, so we just hung out on set for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, it was still a rad time and everyone enjoyed themselves. rsz_4 If you have a video shoot or photoshoot and you are in need of skateboard ramp rentals, OC ramps is here to help! We have packages that can fit any budget, just check out our ramp rental page, and contact us for pricing.