Make a Wish Foundation and OC Ramps

In the early summer of 2013, we got a call from Make a Wish Foundation. They were looking to have us design and build a custom skate park for a young 15 year old teen with brain cancer. His wish was to put a skate spot in his backyard- both a mix of concrete and wooden ramps. Using our professional crew of architects and designers we took the plans to the Ventura County office for permits, etc. After a few months, everything was approved for construction. We broke ground just a few days before Thanksgiving. By mid December we were pouring the concrete. The project was complete within the first week of January 2014. On Saturday, January 11, we held the grand opening 'presentation party' for Jonah. The experience for OC Ramps has been incredible. We are ever so grateful to work with the Cantu family, Make a Wish, and especially Jonah. Using our design department and 3d artists, we were able to make this preliminary drawing of the park. (the pool was already existing- but the back lot was just dirt.) b2ap3_thumbnail_jonah_OC b2ap3_thumbnail_Jtop1 Jonah was thrilled the first day we broke ground and began leveling the dirt with the tractors. b2ap3_thumbnail_MakeAwish3 Tons of dirt were removed from the site. New dirt was brought in to 'compact' the bowl area. b2ap3_thumbnail_MakeAwish1 b2ap3_thumbnail_MakeAwish2 Jonah wanted to jump on shooting the shotcrete for the bowl. He did great! b2ap3_thumbnail_MakeAwish4 Once the concrete dried, we added the metal fence and wooden ramps (in blue/black). b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-2-1 As soon as the park was complete, Jonah ran inside and changed into his skate pads. He was ready to skate! b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-3 b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-5 b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-1-1 b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-2 For more information on this project or other skate parks, please contact us at OC RAMPS! [embedyt][/embedyt]