Malibu Installation - Custom Mini Ramp

To hear “We highly recommend OC Ramps” is music to our ears as word of mouth referrals are organically the highest compliment a brand can receive.

This particular customer was recommended by a talented LA Skate School that we’ve worked with for years. We lined the customer up with some options & narrowed down what would work best for their shredder’s needs and intended space to work with. Our team cruised out to gorgeous Malibu bright & early to get started on the mini ramp dream. The team unloaded, placed all material accordingly & started putting it together piece by piece. 

Upon completion is a 16ft wide mini ramp with an extension making a corner section 5 ft tall and topped with premium Skatelite panel sheets. Cannot forget, the roll-in. These are a few of the most requested additions to our kits however folks please note the roll-in is only available when our team completes installation as it’s very tricky to get material to bend in such a manner which requires a higher carpentry skill above our DIY kits.

Christian on oc ramps halfpipe custom installation

The best part was when the team was wrapping up, the shredder got home from school to see the OC Ramps team & the halfpipe in his backyard!!! To say the least, the kid was SUPER hyped. Our team pro skater & builder, Christian even gave the kid a little demo & lesson!

Happy OC Ramps customer - two thumbs up

We’re super thankful to work with many clients from residential to businesses and all the customers in between. Working hard to provide quality service and materials is a key factor we’ll continue to strive above & beyond, year after year! Please connect with us to get your dreams into a reality, let’s go!!