Malibu's Most Wanted

Point Dume Malibu, California

Nothing better than our happy customers giving us compliments on our services & products! Although it's a cherry on top of that delicious sundae when you have repeat customers adding our mini ramps onto each and every property they own!

Just last year we completed the Extreme Garden Skate Bowl at his Pasadena residence. Not only was the family hyped on the custom piece as well as Damien himself.

It seems fitting to have another custom ramp at his home in Point Dume overlooking the Pacific Ocean, right? Well with the wheels spinning of ideas having 28 feet in pure coping to grind and a partial bowl & hip feature was right up Damien's alley, or backyard shall we say!!

Our crew started fabrication in our warehouse which took several weeks preparing the bowl corner & hip pieces. Measuring the angles of coping and sending it to our coping benders for that perfect curve shape we needed.


Took our crew almost 3 hours traveling from OC towards Malibu with both trailers loaded and driving slowly. As the guys arrived and set up the materials to start installation, they first needed to level the surface by elevating with one cement paver every few feet to avoid any future undercarriage issues.

Once the bone structure was assembled, next the plywood was laid down and then nearly 30 sheets of Skatelite Pro was topped on the ramp. Typically we only apply the Skatelite on the top skating surface, however Damien wanted extra insurance on this ramp so we applied the Skatelite onto the top deck platforms.

With a slight mellow transition the ramp comes to 3 feet tall by 28 feet wide and 25 feet from front to back. Needless to say Damien & family was hyped on our ramps yet again!!

If you're looking for a custom ramp for YOUR home, please contact us directly and we'd love to get you dialed in!!