Mini Bowls

A few of us skateboarders from Orange County Ramps went to a local skate park in Costa Mesa. It was the public Volcom skateboard park-- near the Orange County fairgrounds. All the ledges, grind boxes, bowls and vert ramps are made of concrete. Needless to say, its not very friendly when you fall! Protective gear, such as helmets and pads are enforced at this park. The Costa Mesa Police will come by handing out tickets like candy if you're not geared up. If you are over 18 years of age, you may only need a helmet. My two favorite sections to skate are the mini bowl and the big vert pool. They are both amazing! The mini bowl is about 4 feet in height and has a little halfpipe worked in there as well. The vert pool is way gnarly! Its highest point is about 14 feet, and its lowest at 6 feet. The embarrassing part is when a little 7 year old grom drops in and just rips the vert ramp to shreds. These kid skateboarders are getting better and better each year. Although this is a sport of fun, the competition and skill level is growing at an incredible rate. The Volcom Skate Park also has a section for street skating. Those that want to grind rails, ledges and catch air of pyramids have heaps of fun on the large course. So, if you're in the area of Newport Beach, or Huntington Beach, come skate it up at the local skate parks!